Helen Greathead

Editing and Mentoring

I worked at Scholastic for 14 years, starting as desk editor and eventually becoming Editorial Director Non-Fiction. During that time, I commissioned the first Horrible Histories titles, the Horrible Sciences, Horrible Geographies, The Knowledge series, Dead Famous and Top Tens, and worked on just about every type of book you can think of.


Since going freelance in 2003 I've really enjoyed the variety of projects I've been involved with. I've worked for Usborne Fiction Department, Walker Books, Templar, Scholastic, OUP and many other highly respected publishers in a range of editorial capacities. I am currently commissioning a non-fiction series for David Fickling Books and developing ideas for myself and other publishers.


I was privileged to edit Rosalind Kerven's historical fiction series, Grim Gruesome Viking Villain. Rosalind took the plunge with these books right at the start of the self-publishing revolution and I was delighted to be part of her publishing team. Since then I've worked on a variety of self-published projects, including some of A.J. Waines' highly successful psychological thrillers, a teen novel and some fascinating non-fiction titles for Jen Alexander as well as some younger fiction.




I've been a student mentor at Plymouth University since 2008, working with students to develop a number of books with the support of local businesses and organisations. We've published five titles so far, mostly for children – a sixth is on the way.


Time-Travelling Train tells the fascinating history of the Tamar Valley Line that still runs from Plymouth into Cornwall, while STARTwalking is for refugees living in Plymouth, to help them discover some  beautiful places around the city. We also published a book about Looe, a history of Plymouth University, and the story of the Plymouth pasty!




Grim Gruesome cover NLSFINALLarge Helen-Students-with-Pasty-550x366 Time-Travelling Train