Helen Greathead

Do You Know Dinos?

A series of information books about dinosaurs that are fun to read, but packed with accurate up-to-the-minute facts. They don't have pop-up dinosaurs or full-colour illustrations of dinosaur fights, but they can show you the actual size of a T. Rex tooth and how titchy you'd look standing next to a diplodocus.


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"These books ... provide a great deal of information in a highly accessible way using a small amount of easily read text imaginatively combined with plenty of line drawings ... a good choice for dinosaur fans who are also reluctant readers as well as those who are already enthusiastic." Wordpool News


the dirtiest, smelliest, scariest dinosaur?

T.rex wasn't the biggest dinosaur ever, but it was very clever - for a dinosaur...



the spikiest, shyest, stupidest dinosaur?

Stegosaurus didn't fight, didn't run, didn't do much thinking - find out what it DID get up to inside.



the greediest, fattest-bottomed dinosaur? 

This dinosaur didn't eat other dinosaurs, it didn't even have proper teeth, but it did have a deadly thumb spike...

"The text bounces from one fascinating fact to the next..." The Guardian



the hungriest, longest-tailed dinosaur?

Diplodocus was one of the biggest dinosaurs ever, but it wouldn't hurt a fly.  Why was it so big?  Find out inside...

           Recommended by the Book Trust

                         for KS1 readers

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